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GradDash is a proven way to help you find your first job after graduation. We're real grads who believe with money, hope, and a plan, you can go the distance between college and career.

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    "...Thanks for sharing your experience, it actually helped a lot, I’ll take your advices."

    Grad Dash Review

    Pamela Baptista

    "...I am grateful for your advice. I'm going to share this with my students."

    Grad Dash Review

    Shaun Webb

    "...epic saga of graduation, waiting, disappointment, inspiration and redemption."

    Grad Dash Review

    Wes McDowell

    The Most Important Interview Question You Can Answer

    Lately I’ve been trying to run GradDash more like a “real” business. I started offering paid products, opened a separate checking account (with a $1 loan to myself), and even started a profit and loss sheet…

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    Tips for How to Get a Summer Job as a College Graduate

    So, you’re having a hard time finding work in your field after graduation. You decide it’s time to set your sights a bit lower for a while just to pay bills. You apply to Walmart, Target, McDonalds,…

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    Why You Should NOT Put Part-time Work on Your Resume

    Ever wondered, “should I put part-time work on my resume?” There are many different views on this but try to look at it from a salary negotiation point of view. Companies usually try to gauge…

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    How to find jobs using Twitter Advanced Search

    While not my first choice for job searching, Twitter Advanced Search does offer a unique way to find more job postings. Access Twitter Advance Search Add your major/profession in the “All of these words” section Add…

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    Is it Okay to Accept One Job Offer While Waiting to Hear Back from Another?

    So Company A just offered you a position but you’re still waiting to hear back from Company B. Company A needs a responds, what do you do? This is actually fairly common for people who…

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