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GradDash is a community of college graduates working to get jobs.

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The man behind the plan

Hi, I’m Dustin Pearce—Career Coach at GradDash and graduate of Miami University. Eight months after graduation 50% of my class was still unemployed—and not because we didn’t try hard enough. College prepared us to DO a job, but we had no idea how to GET a job.

During those long, unemployed months, I became determined not to let my story repeat for any other student. Thus, GradDash was born. I found that in order to go the distance between college and career every graduate needs money, hope, and a proven plan.


Dustin Pearce | Career Coach

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Why GradDash?

GradDash understands that helping struggling college graduates find jobs in their field involves more than polished resumes and better interview skills. Recent college graduates need real guidance managing:

1. New financial responsibilities. Managing a written budget & paying off student loans
2. Unemployment depression. Gaining outside perspective and mentorship from other grads
3. Isolation from peers. Creating a proven approach to the job search


“…Thanks for sharing your experience, it actually helped a lot, I’ll take your advice.”
– Pamela Baptista

“…I am grateful for your advice. I’m going to share this with my students.”
– Shaun Webb

“…epic saga of graduation, waiting, disappointment, inspiration and redemption.”
– Wes McDowell, The DesignCast

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