How to Reduce Taxes on Your Paycheck

Have you ever wondered, “why are my taxes are so high on my paycheck?”

I feel your pain. But just this week I earned $113.85 MORE on paycheck (without any extra work)!

Ready to hear my secrets?

Well, in 2014 my tax refund (aka “interest free loan to the government”) was over $1,700!!! Obviously something wasn’t right…

So, I decided to talk with HR department and increase my “withholding allowances” from 1 to 5 after using a FREE W-4 Withholding Calculator from TurboTax.

(Obviously you should also talk with the person who does your taxes as well)

Now I’m $227.70 per month closer to buying an engagement ring and getting out of debt!!!

If you have any sweet money hacks PLEASE let me know!

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