I heard your interview this morning on CareerCloud. Thanks for your Biblical advice. Blessings to you and yours.
– Bryan Long, The Transition Team

Thank you! I was going through the same thing but instead I was going for Nursing then I realized that’s not what I wanted. :)
– Brenda Molina

Thanks! This is great advice, I just graduated and am currently doing an internship and will be starting the job search soon.
– Cameron Leahy

Going through a similar situation right now, thank you for this inspiring video!
– Tess Meijer

Great career advise!!
– Nicole M. Quarles-Thomas

Hi! I just saw your video. I’m currently studying graphic design (I have two more years left before I graduate) and I was kind of worried whether I’ll be able to find a job of my carrier. I’m so happy that it turned out great for you and I hope it will happen the same to me. Thanks for sharing your experience, it actually helped a lot, I’ll take your advices.
– Pamela Castro Baptista

Aspiring motion designer/filmmaker and graduate of 2013. Thanks for the hope!
– Adam Crawford

You showed this to me on Reddit. I am grateful for your advice. I’m going to share this with my students.
– Shaun Webb

I’m stuck in a job that doesn’t even make enough to pay back my student loans and doesn’t challenge me at all. So, I’ve been thinking about going back to school but for now, I’m applying for other jobs, which your video inspired me to do!
– Gracie Fuston

Enjoying the podcast and want to say “Well done!” to Dustin for his video.
– Coy Townson

I first came across your video after listening to the podcast you did on the deeply graphic design cast. I learned from your video that I was going about pursing a design job (I am a recent graduate) the wrong way.
– Josten Dooley

…epic saga of graduation, waiting, disappointment, inspiration and redemption.”
– Wes McDowell, The Deep End Design


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