The Most Important Interview Question You Can Answer

Lately I’ve been trying to run GradDash more like a “real” business.

I started offering paid products, opened a separate checking account (with a $1 loan to myself), and even started a profit and loss sheet (currently -$1).

But just this morning I decided to do something new. I decided to post my first job opening.

I need help with a vision for what GradDash can be, how it can help more people, and frankly, how it can be profitable.

I don’t need programers, or designers. I need someone to help me grow the business.

A few days I was listening to the Dave Ramsey Show podcast and him telling a caller that “Sales people are the easiest decision for a company, because they don’t cost them any money!”

Obviously it took a few days to register the impact of this, but this morning it clicked!

I’m not going to hire a “salesperson” per se, but I did posts job applications for Marketing and Business Development Manager, Social Media Marketing Coordinator, and Marketing Intern.

While all of these position will be 100% commission based (aka, they won’t cost me anything) I started thinking about how these people would help me grow my business.

Being in the “employer mindset” for the first time I realized that employers don’t care about your experiences, they don’t care about your resume, and frankly, they don’t care about you (in context of their business)…

All employers care about is, how can you help me?

The most important question you can answer in an interview is:

“how can you help me?”

So when you go into your next interview, instead of reciting your resume and telling them how great you are, focus on how you can help them.


Bad: “I worked at World Wide Widgets and lead a products to redesign their Website.”

Good: “I noticed your Website isn’t up to Google’s standards to mobile friendliness. If getting more traffic and leads to your Website is important to you I can use my experience in building responsive Website to help you rank higher on Google search results and reach the 48% of Internet traffic using mobile.”

So there you have it, the most important interview question you can answer.

Leave me a comment if this works for you or if you have any feedback.

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